Mag. Julia Dier
Psychotherapist in training under supervision
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Procedure and costs

Individual therapy (50 Min.) 70€
Psychotherapeutic counselling (50 Min.) 70€
Parent counselling (50 Min.) 70€
Self-help groups for media addiction (only in German, 18+)
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free participation

The “Krankenkasse” does not reimburse any costs for treatments at psychotherapists in training under supervision.

Who can come to me?

I offer therapy for adults, teenagers and seniors in German and English. Currently I only treat children with problems related to addiction (media, alcohol, drugs).

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Which psychological complaints do I treat?

- Depressive and bipolar conditions, burn out
- Anxiety and panic
- Compulsion
- Addiction (Internet, shopping, online-games, gambling, sex addiction, alcohol, drugs)
- "therapy not punishment"
- Compulsive hoarding (also “digital hoarding “)
- Aggression issues
- Bullying/ harassment
- Psychosomatic problems (physical problems with a mental cause)
- Sleep disturbances
- Personality disorders
- Conduct disorders
- Problems with self-esteem
- Sexual dysfunction
- Sexual preference disorder
- Impulse control disorder
- Identity issues
- trauma/ traumatic stress
- Acute stress, e.g. death of a loved one or following the end of a relationship
- Asperger-syndrome
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